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Open Question......almost a survey.

So, the wife and I have decided to make a baby, despite the fact that we've lived a respectably long life, each being the kind of person that didn't want a kid. Ever. Things change.

I think I want to keep a series of journals relaying what I've learned in life. The type of people my wife and I have become up to the point of getting pregnant, some family history, and just a lot of the reasons/intentions behind our parenting approach in the event that something happens to one of us, or the kid reaches the age of maturity where it wants to see us as real people instead of just authorial parent people.

Here's the question: Forget about everything from a parental perspective and think of this from the angle of someone who is the son/daughter of someone else-would you want that? Would you want to reach age 18, 23 or 29 and have these.....basically open letters to you, given to you?

Thank you to everyone that responds!!
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